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missionguatemalaKids Against Hunger-Greenwood, Inc. and partner churches across the state are working to support a missionary named Tom Heaton and his organization, Mission Guatemala.  This project has been spearheaded by multiple Methodist congregations in Central Indiana and will include many more organizations, businesses, and churches. The goal is to regularly send containers of our food to support the feeding program that Tom Heaton has established.  One of our key strategic partners in this has been Celadon.  They have donated warehouse space for our finished pallets until we have enough to load a container truck.  

If you are interested in helping Mission Guatemala by hosting a packing event at your facility or by coming to us, click here to get more information.

 UPDATE - September 2014

Unloading Kids Against Hunger Meals in San Andrés

kah2Mission Guatemala recently received a donation of a freight container of Kids Against Hunger meals. These rice and soy-based meals are specially designed and formulated to feed children and their families in developing countries, and are packed with the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids that are often lacking in areas that struggle with malnutrition. To cook the food, the only step required is to add water and boil the rice.

The freight container held over 1,122 boxes containing over 200,000 meals, and weighed nearly 19 tons. The food was shipped through the Kids Against Hunger satellite in Greenwood, Indiana, and the food pallets themselves were supplied by a number of churches, schools and other organizations in the Indiana area. This is the second delivery of Kids Against Hunger meals that Mission Guatemala has received this year.truckunload1

The Kids Against Hunger meals will be used in our regular feeding programs in Nueva Esperanza and Xepec, as well as in our new program “Como Saludable”, which provides eleven schools in San Andrés Semetabaj with healthy lunches every other week. Besides its use in these feeding programs, Mission Guatemala will also be providing the boxes of Kids Against Hunger meals to other NGOs and nonprofits in the region.

According to the United Nations’ World Food Programme, Guatemala ranks fourth highest in the world for chronic under-nutrition, with almost half of Guatemalan children suffering from chronic under-nutrition. In predominately indigenous areas, such as the San Andrés region where Mission Guatemala works, the World Food Programme calculates that the rate of chronic under-nutrion is closer to 70 percent. The WFP also reports that over half of the Guatemalan population lives in poverty, with 13 percent living in extreme poverty.

storage1We were also grateful to our friends from the Tat Loy Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation House who came from San Lucas Toliman to help members of Mission Guatemala’s staff unload the freight container. Over the past several months, Mission Guatemala has supplied Casa Tat Loy with Kids Against Hunger meals to help provide nutritious meals for those who are there seeking recovery. Mission Guatemala is dedicated to helping to support the wonderful work being done at Casa Tat Loy in any way possible.

Here at Mission Guatemala, we are working to reduce and eliminate hunger in the San Andrés Semetebaj area. We are unspeakably grateful to all who were involved in this food shipment including Kids Against Hunger, Carmel Lutheran Church, Fairview Missionary Church, Wyneken Lutheran Church, the Indiana UMC Annual Conference, Tat Loy Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation House, and others. Thank you for joining us in this mission.

Stop by the Mission Guatemala website for a great testimonial about our food!


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Your church, business, or school can sponsor a large event of 40,000 to 250,000+ meals.

We bring the equipment and raw materials and you supply volunteers from ages 8 to 88 along with funding.

The cost is $.25 per meal plus a donation for travel expenses. Metro area Indianapolis (Marion and 7 "donut counties") is a $250 travel donation.  Outside of the metro area is a $750 travel donation.  As the event sponsor you help determine the destination of the meals.




Perfect for smaller groups and birthday parties, and you join us at our facility in Indianapolis.

Youth Groups, Bible Study Groups, Senior Groups, Small Office Parties, Team Building exercise for a corporate staff!dsc 0570opt

A group of up to 60 can arrange for a private session, at a time that works for your group.  This group will staff up to 5 assembly lines and create up to 15,000 highly nutritious meals. The requested donation is based on the number of meals you want to pack at a rate of $.25 per meal.  We will work with you to determine the destination of the meals. 

To Schedule any of these activities, contact:

Ron Pierce, Manager of Events 

Kids Against Hunger-Greenwood, Inc.,
5230 Park Emerson Dr. Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Office: 317-429-9876 Cell: 317-370-6419

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Have you packed food with us and wondered, "Did the food get there"?  Now you can "Follow The Food." After a packing event is over, volunteers can check back here and see when and where their food arrived.  We will post pictures of the arriving food as we get them. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we will also announce the arrival of food!

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